Art and Food

My Sunday afternoon working with the things I love best: Cooking and painting.  The music is on with my favourite playlist, a soothing reminder of precious happy times. The vision of the storm on one of my beach walks was faintly laid out on the paper. A first wash of Indigo and a touch of French Ultramarine gently washed over the page.

First wash







While waiting for it to dry and thinking of what to do next, I prepared the ingredients for Spring Rolls. It took much longer than throwing the first wash on the page, yet as soon as I finished the first batch. Back to work on the second wash still with the same palette but added a bit more value and texture

Second wash







The oil was hot enough on low heat to start dropping the rolls in the shallow frypan then started to roll the second batch, the rolling procedure took enough time for the paper to dry. While the frypan sizzling and the aroma starting to permeate the house and slowly spreading out to the back garden over the neighbour’s fence.

Third Wash

I dived back into my watercolour adding more drama and a light touch of Crimson . This is the dangerous time when I could be totally absorbed in the details of the scene and let the spring rolls burnt! Thank goodness it’s not today. Finally, after another batch of rolling, frying then after washing and cleaning I managed to finish my watercolour as the spring rolls were cooling down, my artwork came to a final step. A tasty morsel to share with friends and quite a satisfactory “Storm on the bay”




A Dinner Of Herbs

“Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme;

Remember me to one, who lives there,

For he once was a true love of mine…”

With green mint, cool parsley,  sweet basil, and sunny thyme made a perfect dinner of herbs added with refreshing coriander and common chives, all from the garden herbs box he built for me on the deck.

“…Where I may sit and rightly spell. Of every star that heaven doth show, and every herb that sips the dew. Till old experience do attain, to something like prophetic strain…”

A cracker of herbs

Parsley that you can smell with your heart and rosemary for remembrance of you and of love, while sage gives me the wisdom and courage to change the things I can. And thyme! O thyme of sweet aroma, for my cup of tea.

A bouquet of herbs
A soup of herbs

“Banh Mi” On The Beach

The childhood sandwich that I grew up with and never thought that it would one day become an international culinary. A “fast food” that one could consume anytime of the day. Put together with a baguette spread with paté, layers of roast pork filet arranged over with a sort of thinly sliced Vietnamese ham called “Cha Lua”, topped with slightly pickled carrot, cucumber, coriander, scallion and fresh chilli. Splashed with some light soy sauce and voilà a delicious sandwich!

I was delighted to find Banh Mi was in the menu on one of my flights, served by Neil Perry cuisine for Qantas. 😊

Spring into spring!

Today there was a real spring weather feeling that I took to the beach with my picnic. Wish you all were here. Bon appétit!

Banh Mi en plein air
Waiting sea gulls
A lovely day!