Look Up! Look Up!

When his mother watched this footage in New Zealand, she called to the television screen: “Look up! Look up!” She later told me that she was so disappointed that she could not see the eyes of her loving son whom she missed so much…

When I actually watched it many years later I asked him: “Why didn’t you look up at the camera?” He told me that he felt quite emotionally affected reading that statement regarding the tragedy, even though he did not vote for Harold Holt.

He had passed away two and half years ago and I could still hear his voice so strongly.


A Day Like This

In my recent trip I spent only nine days visiting Marin CA – mainly in Novato and Tiburon. After twenty-nine years, Tiburon had changed a lot, though the shortest Main Street and Ark Row are much prettier now. This few minutes video was put together from some short clips I managed to take, it did not turn out too badly so I am happy to share it with you and hope you’ll give this old grandma a thumb-up.

Visiting a beach in Point Reyes National Park was particularly nice. Watching the waves rolling in, crashing on soft sandy beach, beneath the piercing sunlight the sea sparkled like thousands pieces of brilliant cut diamonds.

The white fog blanketing the bay quietly slipping across the Golden Gate Bridge was always a fascinating sight to watch. We used to be able to see it from our balcony listening to the sound of the foghorn.

Don’t ask me why I use “that song” for the background music. Normally, I would prefer something more classical, but somehow this crazy song seemed more appealing to me at this time:

Words based on a song from The Seldom Seen Kid

” Drinking in the morning sun, blinking in the morning sun. Shaking off the heavy one…

…I can only think it must be love, and it’s looking like a beautiful day… Kiss me when my lips are thin…

…Holy cow! I loved your eyes, and only just now I saw you lying with me half awake… And it’s looking like a beautiful day…”