Moon Night

“Moon Night” Watercolour

“Is the night chilly and dark?

The night is chilly, but not dark.

The thin grey cloud is spread on high,

It covers but not hides the sky.

The moon is behind, and at the full

The night is chill, the cloud is grey:

Tis a month, a month of Christmas,

And  Summer comes slowly down this way…”

After a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge


One thought on “Moon Night

  1. Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your blog earlier about feeling poorly. We do hope the cold/flu has now passed?
    I loved the photos of your colourful garden. And now the dramatic moonlit sky – and no doubt very cold at Upsall in
    North Yorks at the moment. We arrived home on Saturday – it has been like going on a diplomatic posting with packing up house for new tenants. Beautiful sunny countryside for our drive through Qld and NSW. Love, Di.


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