Connemara, Ireland

As we travelled on the bus today from Galway toward Connemara, rows and rows of many layers stone walls and colourful hedgerows reminded me of the romantic Irish landscape in books and films. I realised how this land could get under the skin of so many artists, writers and poets alike. From the barren mountain peaks to the golden green hills and vales – cascading streams rushing toward the blue Irish Sea, something untamed, strong and oh so beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Connemara, Ireland

  1. It all looks so lovely and tranquil. I believe there are lots of little ponies in Connemara and the people who live there have beautiful blue eyes surrounded by a black rim. Am I right? I can envisage some of your future paintings. Continue to travel well. We are off to Qld on Tuesday. Lots of Love, Di and Tony.

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  2. Hi !
    I went in Connemara a few weeks ago and I had an amazing feeling just as you did – as I understood -, but I thought my pictures didn’t convey how peaceful and beautiful this place is. I thank you for that reason, because your pictures are so representative of its atmosphere.
    Many thanks, wish you had a good stay in Ireland !

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    1. Thank you for your message, I am so glad to hear you enjoyed Connemara. It was my first time in Ireland I was mesmerised and totally in love with the country, the people and their history.

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