In Dublin’s Fair City

It is a wonder how The Book of Kells survived when medieval artwork were violently robbed and stolen by the Vikings many times in the 10th century. The Book of Kells was written more than a thousand years ago and was kept in a monastery on the island of Iona. When the Vikings attacked Iona, it was sent to Dublin around 1653 for reasons of security during the Cromwellian period. It came to Trinity College through Henry Jones after he became bishop in 1661.








Trinity College

I have been longing to visit this place and now I can’t believe that I am here. In the “Long Room” which was the main chamber of the Old Library where houses around 200,000 books.


One thought on “In Dublin’s Fair City

  1. Clever you knowing about The Long Room – what a wonderful sight. My dear friend (Clare’s mother) and I only passed Trinity College on the bus. Glad you are enjoying Dublin. I hope you got Clare’s tel no if you wanted to phone her – 0 ? 872 313 460. Good to hear from you. Our computer is being packed up on 13/8 for a week. xxx Di.


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