Black Down

A walk on Black Down through the pine trees forest and purple heather meadow in West Sussex, we came across the belted galloway cows contentedly grazing. The poet Tennyson lived in Aldworth House since 1869 where he escaped summer tourists from his Isle of Wight home.

The weather bureau did not forecast any rain today. We set out early after the children had a good Saturday breakfast of pancake and fruit. It was quite fresh walking under the shade of thick green pines canopies, but once out on the open the sun kept us warm.

I am so glad to be here in August when purple heather are in full bloom and what a sight! Though in Australia we don’t see these striking beauties, but in the centre of Australia the desert is also in full bloom this time of the year, which is almost the beginning of spring for us. (See my posts “Desert Flowers” and “Uluru” August 27th, 2016)

All of a sudden the dark cloud floated by and dumped a light shower on us, we believed in the weatherman and did not bring any raincoat or umbrella!


One thought on “Black Down

  1. Glad that you have arrived safely. How time flies and YOU since our last chat! You are now strolling in the rain
    while Georgie and family are now sweltering in Bratislava, Czech Rep and later Vienna. Enjoy it all. xxx Di.


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