So Gentle A Morning!

“… One of those days we went out for our early morning walk even before breakfast and found the rose sky that reflected on  the river as we stood on the pier. How perfect this gentle atmosphere that surrounded us…”

“Morning” Watercolour

Winter Or Summer

As I stood by a hill that almost touched the sky, I thought I saw “ten thousands” poppies, scarlet red dancing in the breeze. By the time I finished this painting, there were but few.


Happy winter/summer solstice!

At Dawn

“O gentle vision in the dawn:

My spirit over faint cool water glides,

Child of the day,

To thee; and though art drawn

By kindred impulse over silver tides

The dreamy way to me.”

(Harold Monro 1879-1932)

Oil on canvas

In the gentle morning light, silence floods the river’s bend and ducks are not yet awake; I could hear your voice…


Oil on canvas

“…The sea is but another sky, 
The sky a sea as well, 
And which is earth, and which the heavens 
The eye can scarcely tell.

Flooded with peace the spirit float, 
With silent rapture glow, 
Till where earth ends and heaven begins, 
The soul shall scarcely know.”

Samuel Longfellow 1858

By The Lakeside

“… White clouds, whose shadow haunt the deep. Light mists, who soft embraces keep, the sunshine on the hills asleep! O isles of calm! O dark, still wood! And stiller skies that overbrood, your rest with deeper quietude! O shapes and hues, dim beckoning, through yon mountain gaps, my longing view. Beyond the purple and the blue,O welcome calm of heart and mine. As falls yon fir-tree’s loosened rind, to leave a tender growth behind. So fall the weary years away. A child again, my head lay. Upon the lap of this sweet day…”

John Greenleaf Whittier


The Lonely Shore

Again on the beach today when the sun appeared only briefly. Alone as always I thought of painting, the little sand dune looked inviting but the clouds that also inspired me, and I loved clouds! The day was cold and the beach looked deserted, I imagined that I was the only one standing on this shore until the seagulls landed searching for tasty morsels among the pearly shards. On this lonely margin of the sea I thought of you…