Eilean Donan

Watercolour by Thai Peck

A poem by Elfin

Above the battlements, sleep reigns, profound
as dawn steals through the silence of the hour,
bird song hails her glory with its anthem
and sweetly she sheds her effacing power.

Now morning’s beaming eyes at length unclose
across the woods so darkly spread below,
soft stains the skies in dusky shades of blue
as o’er the Western steep a softened glow.

Her roseate smile, so fondly, steals the breath
of ev’ry flower that sleeps in ev’ry shade,
absorbing all the crystal dews of night
from mountain top down to the woodland glade.

Dawn, shakes a soul, with wildly thrilling hues
with pallid pinks and deeper tints she spreads,
unfolding modest beauty to the morn
and melting tears that bend the roses heads.

The damask lake expands its ample breast
its smooth waves in a trembling beauty, streams,
how fresh the breeze that wafts its rich perfume
through mornings’ blush, stirring with dim dreams.

A melancholy charm steals through my mind
has dawn’s entrancing melodies pervade,
lone wanderer in fancy’s wildest dreams
I will embrace her pleasures, ‘ere they fade


A Certain Calmness

My few snapshots to share the simple joy.

 How calm and beautiful the beach was this morning in May. There might be a felicity in the world that is far superior to this, but I was glad to live by this gentle shore. For my daily walk where I found my soul gladly connecting with the world I travelled thus with you.