Autumn Rain

While in the northern hemisphere, people are looking forward to spring, here we are rolling into autumn and it is my most favourite season. The lovely rain arrived after weeks and weeks of sunny weather that burnt the grass and while walking in the rain I could smell the wet fallen leaves on the brown looking lawn, reminded me of a poem written by D. H. Lawrence

“… Falling seeds of rain; the seed of heaven on my face falling – I hear again like echoes even that softly pace… The winds that tread out all the grain of tears, the store harvested in the sheaves of pain…”

Puddles from pools of water splashed as I stepped into them as in the childhood puddles I was so fond of and wondering where I would end up. Nowhere I guess, but just to wait and wait till winter to descend with cold wind and freezing sunny days drying my puddles out. I am so much older now to believe in the fairy tales and what a shame!

Though I still love the rain in autumn as I love you…


3 thoughts on “Autumn Rain

  1. Dear Thai, Thank you for your special interpretation of rain. I have just returned from a good walk holding up my umbrella. As soon as I arrived home the sun has come out! xxx Di.

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