Uluru Wandering

I chose Ross Edwards “Dawn Mantra” for my video of a short few days visit to Uluru. This beautiful and moving piece of music represented the feeling I felt in this amazing landscape that I’ve had the privilege to wander. Thanks to the spirit of the one I love.

Ross Edwards composed Dawn Mantra especially for the dawn performance, which was telecast to the world at the dawn of the new millennium from the Sydney Opera House. The song expresses hope for peace and renewal, for which I believe we, all of us need now and always.


Desert Flowers

A Desert Song!

“…As I wandered the desert – I heard the wild flowers, singing a song. I wandered in the silent night – stars bright sky – I heard the wild flowers, singing a song – And I felt delight.

When daylight appeared, I wandered the desert – I heard the wild flowers, singing a song – seeking my new joy – But oh, how I missed you…”

Photo by Thai Peck

Photo by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai Peck

Photo by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai peckPhoto by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai Peck


“… Perhaps she will come again when the spirits of men and the spirit of this land are once more together as one…”

From “The Rainbow Serpent”

I am privileged to have spent these last few days in Uluru, Australia’s most ancient land and in the most fragile environment. There was no word to describe the emotion from each step I took to walk on this red earth in the middle of Australia. From the crisp air of the first light to the brilliant sky of the midday sun and basking in a golden evening of the sunset, and lastly in the night of pitch darkness where bright stars twinkling ever so closely that I could almost caught sight of a beloved spirit.

At Sunrise
At Sunrise

Photo by Thai Peck

Beautiful Blue Sky
Beautiful Blue Sky

Photo by Thai Peck

At Sunset
At Sunset

Photo by Thai Peck

Desert Bloom
Desert Bloom

My first ever attempt at “Dot Painting”

Dot Painting by Thai Peck
Original Dot Painting by Thai Peck

Where Is The Title…

As I wandered on a bright morning, that took me through a dull and ordinary suburb.  By a house with a plain patch of grass and a rather ugly garage door, a sight of bright orange, purple and yellow caught my eyes. There I saw a heaven of birds in flight: “bright stunning Strelitzia”.

Photo by Thai Peck

Such pure delight! In another name: birds of paradise.

Suddenly, the sun turned bright and here the vision of this beauty remained in my mind and the ordinary dullness disappeared.

Heaven On Earth

Words that depicted the scene of this painting or was it my painting being inspired by these words that stirred my heart and soul? Whichever, I cannot live without neither.

"By the lake" Watercolour by Thai Peck
“By the lake”
Watercolour by Thai Peck

“…That was at that sober hour when the light of day is receding. And from surrounding things the hues wherewith day has adorned them. Fade like the hopes of youth, till the beauty of earth is departed. Pensive, thought or not in thought I stood, beholding mountain and lake and vale; the valley disrobed of its verdure. Under the woods reposed; the hills that calm and majestic, lifted their heads in the silent sky… Earth was hushed and still; all motion and sound were suspended: Neither man was heard, bird, beast, nor humming of insect. Pensive I stood, and alone: the hour and the scene had subdued me…” R. Southey

… And as I gazed in the west, where infinity seemed to be open, I felt as though this life is not a “thraldom” as felt by Mr Southey, but it is heaven on earth…

Friday Wandering…

Photo by Thai Peck

“Awake or sleeping (for I know not which)

            I was or was not mazed within a wood

Where every mother-bird brought up their brood

            Safe in some leafy niche

Photo by Thai Peck

Of oak or ash, or cypress or of beech,

Of silver aspen trembling delicately,

            Of plane or warmer tinted sycamore,

            Of elm that dies in secret from the core,

                        Of ivy weak and free,

Of pines, of all green lofty things that be…

Photo by Thai Peck

The shade wherein they revelled was a shade

            That danced and twinkled to the unseen sun;

            Branches and leaves cast shadows one by one,

                        And all their shadows swayed

In breath of air that rustled and that played…

Photo by Thai peck

A sound of waters neither rose nor sank,

            And spread a sense of freshness through the air;

            It seemed not here or there, everywhere,

                        As if the whole earth drank,

Photo by Thai Peck

Root fathom deep and strawberry on its bank.

Sweetness of beauty moved me to despair,

            Stung me to anger by its mere content

            Made me all lonely on that way I went,

                        Piled care upon my care,

Brimmed full my cup, and stripped empty and bare…

Photo by Thai Peck

The pleasure I remember, it is past;

            The pain I feel, is passing passing by;

            Thus all the world is passing,

And thus all things that cannot last…”

Extract from Christina Rossetti’s poetry