The Ties That Bind

Photo by Thai Peck

This book was weaved from forty ties, forty ties out of almost a hundred ties! They came from almost a lifetime in which I had my share that is from 1968 until 2015 and that covered almost my entire life.

Photo by Thai Peck

After a long and hard juggling trying to save them, the forty ties were cut so the artist could weave without too much difficulty to bind the book cover. To quote a phrase: “…and so the ties were cut!”

Photo by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai Peck
Photo by Thai Peck

“Only ever with you, I love to have and hold into the circle of your arms,  I’ll unfold; into your blue eyes’ greeting shine, my gold; only ever with you, I yearn to grow old…

Only ever with you I can write rhymes as such, for you bring my muse from dust to dash, to hush.  Only ever with you my being wants to attach, as first step already taken to our primrose path.

Stars and moon may leave the dark skies yet, one look at the gleam of your blue eyes day and night, I see the rising sunrise. Only ever with you, I will dive to lows or heights.

For only ever with you, I’ll plunge to infinity.  Prayers plea asking blessing from divinity, to tie two hearts and two souls in sole unity.  Mindless to whatever is there in humanity.”

(A poem by Olive Eloisa Guillermo)

Photo by Thai Peck

One could not help but feeling some regret to finally cut the ties, but in order to be free and move on with living it is necessary, only to have the comfort that I am blessed with the memories to treasure while I am getting ready for my journey onto a new path.


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