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The case of stolen ThymePhoto by Thai Peck

A little potted seedling of Thyme would cost almost $3.00 from a market stall down in Chelsea shop. It was nurtured, watered and cared for outside the front fence, growing slowly but healthily, I was hoping to see it turning bushier for a sort of ground-cover which passer-by can pick up a sprig or two for their stew pot.IMG_1401

One morning it disappeared! The hole where the soil formed a round shape of the plant was there but the little Thyme bush has gone. Some thief had come in the night and stole my lovely green lemon Thyme!

I don’t need any sleuth to tell me that the culprit must be a super nose-sensitive woman; a common man would not be able to smell it unless if he is one of those TV chefs talk with a French accent.Photo by Thai Peck

Standing at the crime scene with my magnifying glass, studying the surrounding, searching for some glue. The street was almost deserted, in an atmosphere void of any human footsteps being taken for a walk by their dogs except for parked cars lining the kerb.

Photo by Thai PeckMy assistant, Dr Watson, Hastings, Miss Lemon brought up a theory that it must be a woman and that she must have come from the left side, which is the end of the street,  walking toward the beach passing my house and on her way back.

Photo by Thai Peck

She must have smelled the Thyme bush, then waited until nightfall, came out to do the job. Miss Lemon concluded: the woman must be a resident in one of those units toward the end of my street. Perhaps I should walk by to nose around and see if I could detect roasted lemon Thyme.

“Sergeant” Adam was told, from the iPhone he asked: “What happened to the CCTV?” Well, it has never worked, and the solar sensor light had stopped working altogether, because the sun may have moved since we entered halfway through autumn? He assured me that he would drop by to check it all out. Which means he will want a wholesome tasty dinner afterwards, preferably “lemon thyme marinated chicken”.Photo by Thai Peck

It is an odious crime; in the olden day the woman would have been shipped to Australia (?) as a convict. Today, one could only hope that her dinner will somehow always have a certain bitter taste from the revenge of the stolen Thyme.

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“Come Wander With Me”

Photo by Thai Peck

These photos were just quick snap shots with my iPhone on my wander this morning.

Photo by Thai Peck

Photo by Thai Peck

“…He said come wander with me love

Come wander with me

Away from this sad world

Come wander with me

He came from the sunset

He came from the sea

He came from my sorrow

And can only love me…”

A song by Jeff Alexander

Photo by Thai Peck

Photo by Thai Peck

The Ties That Bind

Photo by Thai Peck

This book was weaved from forty ties, forty ties out of almost a hundred ties! They came from almost a lifetime in which I had my share that is from 1968 until 2015 and that covered almost my entire life.

Photo by Thai Peck

After a long and hard juggling trying to save them, the forty ties were cut so the artist could weave without too much difficulty to bind the book cover. To quote a phrase: “…and so the ties were cut!”

Photo by Thai PeckPhoto by Thai Peck
Photo by Thai Peck

“Only ever with you, I love to have and hold into the circle of your arms,  I’ll unfold; into your blue eyes’ greeting shine, my gold; only ever with you, I yearn to grow old…

Only ever with you I can write rhymes as such, for you bring my muse from dust to dash, to hush.  Only ever with you my being wants to attach, as first step already taken to our primrose path.

Stars and moon may leave the dark skies yet, one look at the gleam of your blue eyes day and night, I see the rising sunrise. Only ever with you, I will dive to lows or heights.

For only ever with you, I’ll plunge to infinity.  Prayers plea asking blessing from divinity, to tie two hearts and two souls in sole unity.  Mindless to whatever is there in humanity.”

(A poem by Olive Eloisa Guillermo)

Photo by Thai Peck

One could not help but feeling some regret to finally cut the ties, but in order to be free and move on with living it is necessary, only to have the comfort that I am blessed with the memories to treasure while I am getting ready for my journey onto a new path.